The Apple Pencil can also be used on the Apple Trackpad

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It seems that Apple wants to load the graphic tablets in a single stroke, we all know about the benefits of the Apple Pencil, which has been called the best digital pen on the market, but not only that, we are at the same time with the Apple TrackPad , both the Magic TrackPad 2 available as an accessory, and the TrackPad included in the latest Mac models that feature Force Touch technology, which was the prelude to 3D Touch, later included in mobile devices. The result if you join them both can be huge and fantastic, maybe that's why, Apple already thinks about combining the Apple Pencil and the TrackPad of the devices to replace the graphic tablets.

A graphic tablet is a device that allows us to draw using digital pencils, so that we can automatically see what we draw on our computer screen and take advantage of all its software improvements. This type of hardware is used by many designers to be able to work quickly and comfortably, however, many do not just convince the difference with the actual writing. But nevertheless, we find that the Apple Pencil has been defined as the most "real" way of writing digitally, To this we must add, that Apple's trackpad are the most accurate and powerful on the market, so we would have a pretty graphic tablet.

The system has already been patented by Apple, in fact they did it in 2014, although it has been now when it has come to light. We would not be surprised at all to see it fully available in the next versions, both of Apple laptops and at the software level for other compatible devices and hardware. It is undoubtedly an alternative to other types of elements, which would eventually save us money, despite the price of Apple accessories.

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