The Apple Watch already has a RED Loop (PRODUCT) strap

With the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, the expected renewal finally arrived that everyone was waiting for since the Cupertino-based company officially presented in October 2014, although it did not finally reach the market until March 2015. This new generation arrives with a larger screen size, although the straps remain the same.

As expected, Apple continues to offer compatibility with the same belts that are available from the first generation. The large number of belts that all Apple puts at our disposal, we have to add a new RED Sports Belt (PRODUCT), a loop type belt that is already available for 59 euros in the Apple Store.

Together with the Apple Watch, the company of Tim Cook announced the launch of a new series of belts, belts that are slowly reaching the physical and online stores, this concrete model being the last to arrive. This belt It is available for box sizes 40 and 44 mm, being compatible with models 38 and 42 mm. In the description of this type of belt, Apple states that:

The sports loop strap is soft, lightweight and breathable, and comes with an adjustable adhesive closure. The double layer nylon fabric has a soft and breathable padding on the side that is in contact with the skin. And thanks to the excellent grip of the hook bands, this strap holds it all.

The sports Loop straps are made of braided nylon that offers a high wear resistance, something that we are not going to find in the different imitation straps that we can find mostly from China and that are available on Amazon for a much lower price than the original.

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