The Apple Watch ECG can be used in Spain by changing the region

The new Apple Watch series 4, introduced a few months ago, includes the hardware needed to perform an electrocardiogram of the user. At the moment, it is a possibility that is not available, although the Apple Watch is able to do so.

This limitation is due to the fact that, prior to its use, must have the green light of the relevant health authorities. In the case of the United States, the FDA has already given its approval and, by the end of the year, Apple hopes to be able to activate the option, via update, for users in the United States.

This is good news. The fact that Apple Watch already has everything necessary to enhance the electrocardiogram, even those sold outside the United States, It makes us think that as the approvals of the different authorities such as the EMA in the European Union or the Aemps in Spain are obtained, the option can be activated with a software update.

This did not happen, for example, with Apple Watch series 3 with LTE connectivity. In countries that will not be supported, they were not sold, which meant that even if a company supported Apple's eSIM, we could use it. (Now we have the Apple Watch series 4 LTE and companies that support it).

Further, there is a great possibility of using the electrocardiogram in any country since it is active in the United States. Like many apps and services like Apple News, Apple Pay Cash, etc. that appear when changing the region or taking the devices to another region where if they are available, we can assume, as 9to5Mac has suggested, that If we change the region – not the language – of our Apple Watch to the United States, we will enjoy the ECG where we are.

Remember to change the region in Settings -> General -> Language and region and select United States To enjoy this once it is activated there.

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