The Apple Watch Series 3 can be charged with third-party accessories

The presentation of a few days ago was special for many reasons, but especially for the large number of developments in terms of products we were announced. One of those products was the accessory Airpower, a wireless charging base to charge up to three Apple devices including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch and the AirPods case.

The japanese blog Mac Otakara has done a test to check which charging bases are compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 and found that the exclusive basis for the iPhone 8 as Blekin Boost Up and Mophie didn't charge the watch, while other charging bases were compatible with the new Apple Watch of the big apple.

Apple Watch Series 3 and wireless charging accessories

Apple has always been known to restrict the use of its devices to its accessories. It is the case of various adapters of SD cards and other peripherals that only worked if they were originals of the big apple. It was detected that the accessories were not original by means of a restriction code at the software level.

The same is believed to happen with AirPower, Apple's wireless charging base, capable of charging at the same time (and without cables) three devices of the big apple. Of course, it is believed that you can only load your products even if the base is based on Qi standard. Following the issue of wireless charging we arrive at Apple Watch Series 3.

Since its introduction, it was curious that charging accessories would be compatible with Apple's new smartwatch. The Japanese blog cited above has determined that the accessories created in conjunction with Apple for iPhone 8 charging: Belkin Boost Up and Mophie They are not compatible with the wireless charging of the watch.

But they have tried other accessories also based on the Qi standard and do allow the Apple Watch to load. We just have to wait and see how the wireless charging issue progresses in which Apple is new.

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