The best Apple Link Strap Replicas

The Apple Watch is a success, and Apple's decision to make changing the strap is a matter of a couple of seconds a success. Everyone who has an Apple Watch sure that a small (or large) collection of straps has been made that is changing depending on the day, the occasion or simply how he got up that morning.

Weight there is an object of desire that most have, and it is nothing more and nothing less than Apple's link strap. Launched with the original Apple Watch, it is a real beauty that costs a whopping $ 499 in the Apple Store. This has made the copies proliferate on Amazon and other online stores, with results not true to the original. But We present today some replicas of Ouluoqui that have surprised us for their quality and similarity with the original Apple, costing a tenth.

We have them available in two colors, like the original ones: polished steel and black. Both have a matte finish, and have the same closing mechanism as the original, as well as the system for adding and removing links. In the video that you can see at the beginning of the article I compare it with the original Apple, in black, as well as in the photo that is just above these lines. The original is in the center of the image, with the replicas on the sides. The resemblance is really surprising, and only a slight variation in the hue of black as well as that the edge of the strap is bright in the original and matte model in the replica it serves to be able to differentiate them. It is available for both the 38 and 40mm models and the 42 and 44mm models, without any problem therefore with the Apple Watch Series 4 that Apple has just launched.

Weight, comfort, safety of the closure … I have not noticed the slightest difference between both straps after a week alternating over and over, original and replica. I have had the opportunity to try some other model that promised to be like the original, and it is the first time that one convinces me to recommend it to anyone looking for this belt model. The price of the strap is $ 59.99 but with the code 20Lululook stays at $ 47.99, less than a tenth of the price of the original model (€ 499). You can buy it from the LuluLook website at this link, and remember to use the code 20Lululook to get a 20% discount.

  • Editor rating
  • 5 star rating

€ 47.99


  • Finishes and mechanisms virtually identical to the original
  • Price 1/10 of the original
  • Comfortable and secure closure
  • Available for 38 / 40mm and 42 / 44mm models


  • Minimum difference of blackness in the replica with respect to the original

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