The completely intelligent bathroom is almost a reality

The kitchen and bathroom accessories manufacturer Kohler has created its own smart home automation platform, Kohler Konnect, which allows some of your products to communicate with HomeKit and other smart assistants, in addition to allowing us to control their operation through an iPhone application and voice commands with Siri.

The new line of connected devices that use Kohler Konnect focuses mainly on the bathroom experience, allowing us to interact with each of them to adapt it to our needs and / or preferences at all times. The complementary application Kohler Konnect can be used to modify settings, such as temperatures and lighting, and in some cases, to activate elements remotely.

These are some of the new smart bathroom elements offered by the KOHLER:

  • Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, as the name implies, is a mirror that offers us lighting intensity adjustable, intensity and on or off that we can control by voice commands.
  • The faucet series Sensate, is a virtual kitchen assistant with which we can interact using voice commands so that dispense the amount of water we need at any given time, either to make a bottle, fill a glass of water or a pot.
  • The DTV + shower system allows us adjust the shower water flow, as well as steam and lighting, allowing us to record these settings to use more times.
  • PerfectFill technology is responsible for supplying the water needed to fill the bathtub at the temperature we want, so that the process of filling the bathtub at the perfect temperature is not a problem that does not take much time.
  • The Numi smart toilet offers foot heating, integrated bidet, heated seat, ambient lighting and even melodies to make the wait more enjoyable.

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