The first cases for iPhone X begin to be launched

We are only 48 hours from the presentation of the iPhone X, until now known as iPhone 8, the new Apple smartphone. And with almost everything already discovered the manufacturers of covers for the new terminal already show us their first designs, ready to buy.

Tottalle and Mujjo are two of our favorite brands of covers, with completely different styles but with the same criteria: manufacture only top quality products. The first opts for maximum thinness and for breaking as little as possible the design of the terminal, the second manufactures leather cases of the highest quality They fit like a glove to our iPhone.

Mujjo already has everything ready for the launch of its new genuine leather cases for the iPhone 8. They are thinner, cover the buttons of the terminal and even protect the front by protruding ahead enough so that the glass does not touch any surface . Also available with cardholder will help you to leave the wallet at home to place two credit cards in their back slots. The inner part is made of microfiber that will protect the surface of the iPhone without scratching. They will be available from the presentation of the iPhone 8 for prices ranging from $ 44.90 to $ 49.90 on their website.

Totallee already allows you to see them on their website, and as always they will be the thinnest cases you can buy for your device. Available in several translucent colors that allow you to see the later details of the iPhone such as apple or name, and in bright, completely opaque colors that will give your terminal an imposing appearance. The covers are now available for pre-reservation for $ 19 in any of the colors available on their website. We leave you with more images of the covers for your enjoyment.

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