The global phone market falls 6% and Samsung is cleared

Mobile phones are generating less and less media attention, and most importantly, less attention from consumers themselves, is an impeccable reality that is increasing over the years, especially thanks to the emergence of mid-range mobile telephony with good benefits at contained prices.

In general, the mobile smart phone market has fallen 6% in total, with Samsung being one of the most damaged by this matter. Let's take a closer look at the global market data, coinciding with one of the best financial quarters of the Cupertino company.

The analyst company IDC You have reached the following conclusion:

According to the first data, the global mobile smart phone market provides information about 355.2 million units sent this third quarter of 2018, resulting in an annual drop of 6%. This is the fourth consecutive quarter in which the global smart phone market suffers a fall, increasing its future risks. According to our analysis, the market would start to grow again in 2019, but it is too soon to know how much this will happen.

The most affected is Samsung, whose shipment of units to suppliers has fallen 13.4% compared to last year, unlike the Chinese firms Huawei and Xiaomi that have grown 32.9% and 21.2% respectively. However, it sows more doubt to know that in this latest shipment Apple has not included the shipping data of the iPhone XR, a teriminal that is called to become a super-sales, or at least contains all the necessary ingredients for it. While the Cupertino company enjoys good health thanks to the diversification of products, not forgetting that the iPhone range of its catalog remains the star.

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