The grouped notifications arrive to iOS 12, finally Apple understands the importance of it

The Cupertino company has been well presented news during the WWDC This year 2018, however, has been much more decaffeinated than we expected. Of course, the faith that Apple finally learned the need to create an efficient notification system has been shown by this keynote opening.

Apple has finally understood the importance of grouping notifications in the Notification Center and has presented it as a novelty that iOS 12 will bring. Definitely the Notification Center will receive a good face wash, far from the visual renewal that many users expected, but enough to improve the user experience in iOS 12.

As we can see in the images, now a kind of notification book will be created, that is, each application will have its own set of notifications, so that we do not have to navigate too much while reading. And is that sometimes it is totally insufferable to find a specific notification, and above all manage them and get rid of them in the way you are interested, it seems rather a necessary move by the Cupertino company, and it is a necessity that many users had been demanding for years.

Undoubtedly, the Notification Center was one of the weakest points of Apple's mobile operating system and we are very happy with this news. As always, we are going to install iOS 12 in our test devices to keep you absolutely informed about all the news that are coming in beta, meanwhile we continue to see the WWDC18 to discover the official dates, but we remind you that iOS 12 will be compatible with devices up to the iPhone 5s, the most widespread compatibility ever seen in a mobile operating system and that makes us think that Apple is clearly committed to optimization – finally.

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