The HomePod already has the FCC seal: its arrival is imminent

Since Apple announced the delay of HomePod until the beginning of 2018, speculation about when the company's new product, its first smart speaker, will not stop coming from all kinds of sources. A few days ago we told you that Apple would have already received the first million HomePod units for its immediate launch, and now there are more unequivocal signs that his arrival is imminent: the FCC seal.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the one that regulates television, radio and telephony devices, as well as wireless communications, so Its approval is an essential requirement to be able to market a product in the United States. The one that has already given its stamp to Apple's HomePod is a clear sign that HomePod marketing will begin in a few weeks.

Apple said the HomePod was delayed until the beginning of 2018, without giving an exact date of the beginning of its sale. At this time on our website we can read the poster “Available at the beginning of 2018”, and that in the Apple language usually means between January and April of this year. We know that its initial release will include the United States (obvious), and probably the United Kingdom and Australia. We do not know if its delay will mean that the first wave will be extended to more countries, which is likely if we heed the rumor of the million units already available for sale.

With estimated sales for all of 2018 of 11 million units, having a million already available for launch could mean that availability could be global from the outset, since not too high sales are expected of a product that will be priced at $ 349 (€ 400 in Europe?). The smart speakers of Google and Amazon are selling well but they are much simpler and more affordable models, something that Apple did not want to enter, prioritizing the sound quality over the “smart” functions, which will be limited respect to the competition models.

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