The HomePod be compatible with the FLAC lossless format

Although Apple uses a proprietary format without loss of quality called ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), a format only compatible with Apple products, the audiophile community makes use of the FLAC format, a format compatible with most platforms.

In the specifications of the HomePod, specifications that are already public, since Apple announced the release date of this device, we can see how the FLAC lossless format is compatible with the HomePod, which will delight music lovers, Y will allow Apple to gain the approval of this community.

Do not confuse the FLAC format with the high quality format offered by both Spotify and Apple Music, which use a compression of 256 to 320 Kbps. Apple users have always asked the Cupertino guys for the compatibility of this format, a compatibility that we can currently find both in macOS with QuickTime, as in the iOS Files application, but NOT in iTunes, a decision that nobody seems to understand and that in theory has no apparent justification, but knowing Apple, its reasons will have, reasons we will probably never know.

The FLAC format, which coincidentally in open source (so Apple does not have to pay to offer compatibility on their devices), is very important to enjoy music via AirPlay through HomePod, since bluetooth playback reduces the its quality (unless we use the Apt X codec), due to bandwidth requirements. Thanks to HomePod AirPlay 2 technology, the loss of quality, if any, is practically nil, so it will be one of the most used formats by all those who want enjoy all the nuances to the fullest They offer their favorite songs.

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