The HomePod will be hands-free and receive orders from multiple users

The intention of such technologies as virtual assistants hidden inside smart speakers is precisely that of make our lives a lot easier at home, right? Well, the operation of these types of products is still to be seen in real day-to-day activities, but of course the announced functions are quite attractive.

We talked about some of the most striking features of HomePod, the first one that will not be restricted to a single user, will be able to identify different inhabitants of the home. The second is that we are obviously going to be able to use it hands-free to start and continue a call at home, the perfect FaceTime companion.

Already in the press release the Cupertino company had revealed these capabilities of its famous smart speaker, it is not for less in the prices that are handled. According to the documentation sent to the Apple Store and filtered by Gulherme Rambo, all users will be able to initiate and continue calls directly from the HonePod, and it is that the Genius must be updated as to the capabilities of this new product of the company to be able to advise users in the best conditions. We weren't expecting less, in fact, as I said in the header, it can become a good accomplice of FaceTimeToo bad it doesn't include a small screen.

In another order, the question arises about the possibility that Apple's HomePod is accessible to several users, something with a lot of logic considering that in family homes restricting the product to a single inhabitant would be a bad commercial move. But nevertheless, It is confirmed that the HomePod will be able to identify the different users and obey their orders, we remember that this is a capacity that Siri already has in its integrated version for iOS and that also works with the AirPods, obviously could not be missing in the HomePod. So, everyone can ask Siri through HomePod what the weather is like outside or when the next Cup game is played by F.C. Barcelona.

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