The iPhone was the most activated device in the United States during the last quarter of 2017

We are at few days after Apple presents its 2017 results to all its investors, results that are always questioned a priori. Many are very susceptible about the possible sales that Apple has, and it is that in the end you have to take into account that the company's devices have a cost, sometimes, higher than the competition. But the truth is that year after year Apple leads a large part of the sales of technological devices, the data shows this …

And as we say, at the time of the general shareholders meeting of Apple, there are several external analyzes that we are receiving, this time a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners company report would announce that the iPhone has been the most activated device during the last quarter of 2017… After the jump we give you all the details of this new report.

Keep in mind that the last quarter of a year is probably the most important in terms of sales, understand the months from october to december, months that are precisely those more sales entail for all the sales campaigns during these months: Black Friday, Christmas, etc. It is also the time when new iPhones are put up for sale, at which time sales of these devices are also increasing.

Specifically, if we add the sales (activations) of all iPhone models during this quarter, we would be talking about a 39%, compared to 32% of Samsung. The other manufacturers would occupy the remaining 29% of activations. It is true that Apple is the only one that takes advantage of this quarter to launch new products, but without a doubt they are great data for the boys of Cupertino waiting to see how the market evolves during the first quarter of 2018, at which time the other manufacturers, such as Samsung, will launch their new flagships.

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