The iPhone will have a massive growth in 2018

Last year not the best of Apple, with all its hardware lines – iPhone, iPad and Mac – year after year experiencing a decrease in sales. Guggenheim Securities predicts both good and bad news for the future of the company.

To start, let's go with the positive. The good news, says Guggenheim Securities, is that the new iPhone X will be responsible for a massive growth in iPhone revenue throughout 2018.

According to information published by Business insider, Guggenheim predicts a return to the path of growth This year, based on the launch of the new star model, followed by spectacular growth next year – although not exceeding the one that occurred when Apple finally went on to make large-screen models with the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Interestingly and on the other hand, analyst Robert Cihra predicts that the iPhone will experience greater growth both in 2019 and 2020, even though he sees it behind out at that point. The firm includes a graph that shows sales growth.

The predictions for this year and next seem more reliable than those made for a farther future. Although I am sure that a lot of numerical calculations come into these forecasts, it seems quite absurd to be making iPhone income forecasts three years before, when we still have no idea what Apple can have in the sleeve with a horizon that is so far.

Historically, the iPhone has been, by far, the largest source of revenue for Apple, which accounts for about 62% of the company's revenue. The forecasts anticipate that this percentage will grow up to 66% in the coming years, but as we say … all this is very relative because it is not known for sure the real movements that Apple plans.

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