The new announcement of the iPhone 7 in Japan highlights the speed of use of Apple Pay

From a couple of weeks, iPhone users on Mac in Spain We have stopped complaining about not being able to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay has arrived late to Spain, almost a year after the announcement of Tim Cook last January, and we can use it on a daily basis with our iPhone to make payments, with our Apple Watch and also through the pages web that today are compatible with Apple Pay, a new payment option available since the arrival of macOS Sierra, the latest version of the operating system for Macs.

Apple has just released a new video in Japan in which it shows us how quickly the use of the iPhone offers us to make payments wherever we are. In the video we can see how two brothers make a race through the streets of Japan until get to the subway and see who gets pass before. When they arrive at the access, one of the brothers uses the iPhone 7 Plus to pay 3,800 yen with his Suica card while the other brother keeps looking for the wallet to use the FeliCa compatible transport voucher.

It should be remembered that lThe iOS version available in Japan is a special version which allows users of Sony’s FeliCa payment platform to add their company cards and transportation vouchers. If Apple had not adopted this method of payments through its devices, it is very likely that it would have cost a lot to offer its electronic payment system in the country, since most of the population makes use of these cards to practically pay any service and / or products they buy on a daily basis. The software version of the Apple Watch also supports FeliCa, so payments can be made with the iPhone or with the Apple Watch independently.

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