The next iPhone with triple lens will have 3D functions and better Zoom

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After years of seeing how the cameras of our smartphones multiplied their megapixels every year, now what they multiply are the objectives. At this point where every high-end mid-range phone that boasts already includes two lenses in its rear camera, Huawei has already set the bar on all three lenses, and it seems almost certain that the iPhone that Apple presents in 2019 will also opt for the triple objective.

As reported by Economic Daily News this new feature will grant new functions to the iPhone, such as the possibility of capturing 3D images as well as improvements in the zoom of the rear camera, the big weak point of smartphones if we compare them with conventional cameras. ç

This new camera would have capabilities to get 3D images by being able to capture images of an object from two different angles, being the two objectives more separate than in the current cameras. The distance to the object could easily be calculated using a triangulation system. This would also be used for augmented reality, as right now you can do the front camera of the iPhone X thanks to the multiple sensors located in the "notch" that is now a fashion for other brands.

In addition to these 3D and augmented reality features that Apple will surely use to improve the features that we are now starting to see in iOS 11 and that will be much more complex and advanced in 2019, the triple lens will allow the iPhone to have at least a 3x zoom According to the same source. Since the introduction of the iPhone 7 Plus with its dual rear camera the iPhone is able to capture photos with 2x zoom, a system that improved with the iPhone X with more quality of the photos captured with this increase.

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