The Olloclip lens range expands with two new series

Olloclip has become a reference in the market when we talk about lenses that can be attached to our smartphone to give you a greater number of possibilities when it comes to capturing our best memories. Olliclip was the first to later be imitated by a large number of manufacturers, which offer similar products with inferior quality.

The company has introduced two new lenses to further expand the number of accessories it offers for those smartphone users who want to get the most out of the camera from their devices. We are talking about the Intro range, for beginners and Pro range, for users who get the most out of this type of lens.

The new Olloclip lenses are part of the company's Connect X lens system, a system introduced by the company at the beginning of the year to add support for the iPhone X and which in turn are compatible with the iPhone XS. This lens system It covers both the rear and front cameras and allows you to add additional lenses.

Previously, Olloclip offered lenses at a certain price, but as time has gone by and these types of lenses have become popular, has expanded the range to offer a wide variety of prices. While the Intro range is intended for novice photographers who want to give an original touch to their images, the more expensive Pro line assures us of the highest quality that the company can currently offer in this type of accessories.

The objective within the Intro range offers us a wide angle, which will allow us to photograph groups of people or larger areas without just moving, in addition to a macro, which allows us to expand the object we are photographing. This objective is priced at 19.99 euros. If we do not have the clip, the price rises to 39.95 euros.

The pro range is composed of two independent objectives. On the one hand we find the Super Wide lens that offers us a wide field of vision reducing the distortion that this type of lens offers by nature. The other is a telephoto lens x2. Olliclip ensures that this TV is capable of a greater amount of light so that the result of the capture is brighter. The price of these two objectives goes up to $ 99.99. If we don't have the clip, we will have to pay $ 119.95.

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