the police can no longer use GrayKey to unlock iPhones after the launch of iOS 12

If there is something that worries us after the emergence of mobile devices is our privacy. And we have gone from being afraid of having our phone stolen and used to make thousands of calls, stolen (and apart from the economic consequences of theft) and have fear of accessing all the data we carry in them: messages, photos, compromised photos …

It is because of that companies like Apple want to be the first to wear the privacy medallion, something that was corrupted by a GrayKey device … And after several rumors about the new privacy policy that iOS 12 brings us, the rumors are confirmed: Apple would have made the appropriate changes for devices like GrayKey don't have access to our iPhone. After the jump we give you all the details …

You already know that Graykey he had his golden age after several rumors that thanks to this device the terrorist iPhones would have been accessed linked to several attacks in the United States. National security vs. user privacy, that's the point… And this GrayKey was what I was doing test brute force passwords, that is, try all possible combinations. According to them they could find out a password of 4 digits in 6.5 minutes, and a 6 digit in 11 hours.

What have you done Manzana with iOS 12? has blocked much of the communications via USB (GrayKey accessed our iPhone via USB). Now we will have to Unlock our device to allow any USB communication between our iPhone and any other device, but this connection will never allow data traffic (it will only allow for electric current for charging). Good news, or not, that everyone has to value. The debate opens, Is it good for Apple to protect our device data so much?

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