The price to protect the HomePod with AppleCare + is $ 39

Like all Apple products, Apple's new HomePods have the option of buying extra coverage with AppleCare. In this case, Apple's smart speaker will cost $ 349 for US users and its coverage with AppleCare + rises to $ 39.

This news came this afternoon after 9To5Mac will find an internal document that was shared from Apple for all the company's stores. The document does not add more data than the price of this protection that It is added to the year the product is guaranteed in the United States.

In this case, AppleCare + has a series of extra coverages for Apple devices and we in Spain have no option to this coverage, we can only hire AppleCare, which is something different. In any case, the issue of guarantees and the hiring of these AppleCare is different in each country according to the legal regulations regarding the guarantees established in each of them, so we always say that it is important to know the warranty time in each country. In the United States it is one year and the second year they usually get it with the purchase of these AppleCare.

Logically, telephone support, configuration and the like are covered with this AppleCare + for Apple HomePod. The new speaker announced after several delays the start date of reservations in the US, United Kingdom and Australia, but at the moment there is no data on other countries. No one had doubts that when HomePod was launched it would be gradually In time, despite this it is always difficult to admit that we do not have an expected date for the start of the sale in many countries.

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