The production of the iPhone 8 falls after the Christmas holidays

According to the latest reports leaked to specialized media the iPhone 8 reduced their production just at the end of the Christmas period. This is something that is usually common in all companies and is that shipments are supposed to stabilize and production the same.

From the outset it was said that the iPhone X would shade the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, something that really seems to have been confirmed with the passage of time and that now could be noticed a little more. The operators always have an important role in the sale of devices and in this case we cannot say that these models were a success as they were previous models, but even so, analysts estimate that more than 80 million iPhones and more have been sold of 100 million iOS devices in general.

The novelties implemented in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are important, some of them highly anticipated by users such as wireless charging or even the glass in the back, but while it is true that the interior is very similar to the iPhone X, These iPhone 8 do not have the Face ID, OLED display or the new general design With a very small size and without frames.

This may lead to the belief that sales have been lower than X, but as always there is no data on sales of one model or another, so it is impossible to know if they sold well or not, but the reports of the suppliers that arrive from the half Digitimes warn that production is falling rapidly.

Apple does not usually show the results of the sales of each of the models it has, it unifies all the iPhone in a pack as well as those of iOS to offer its financial results and in this case it is expected that on February 1, pronounce on it with the total sales achieved, but it will be impossible to know if they are of one model or another.

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