The rumors take force with which they can be first real models of the iPhone 8

We are at the end of April and that means that many of the rumors and leaks that begin to emerge from now on the next iPhone will actually become when we see it presented in a few months. The name "iPhone 8" sounds loudly every week with new information coming from different points of the globe, which begin to define what this device will be like.

According to these, the special edition for the tenth anniversary of the original release would radically change the design, adopting one where the glass would be the protagonist, also covering this the back of the device. The edges of the terminal would be made in a steel finish and the final ‘look’ would have a certain aftertaste to the iPhone 4, with its obvious differences, since it is expected that the screen occupies almost the entire front and the new camera will adopt an upright position.Some images published today on Twitter show one of the prototypes with which Apple would be working at the moment in the production lines, which does not mean that it will be the final one, but yes at least that is one of the options that seem to be weighing. As for the model itself, there are several points that attract our attention.

The first of these is that frame, which stands out in excess of the body in black and that we would not be surprised to see tinted if finally this model is the final one. Although the images are not defined, some filtered schemes also indicate that the rear camera flash could be attached between the two lenses of the camera, whose parity would also be doubled in the front chamber. But, without a doubt, the biggest news is that there is no trace of a hypothetical Touch ID in the back, something that would be the main attraction of this device if Apple finally manages to integrate it into the screen.

Nothing is final yet, but the train of the hype finalizing the set-up to leave the station. All aboard!

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