The secret behind the rounded corners of iOS

Many will have noticed that the voided forms are something practically non-existent in Apple's operating systems, almost any part that contains some content, is made in geometric shapes whose corners are rounded. Who have "studied" much of Apple's life since its inception, and especially about the eccentric Steve Jobs, we know well why this custom of the Cupertino boys is due, but not everyone knows why this initiative, so Today in iPhone News we are going to tell you the secret behind the rounded angles of iOS.

Anyone would think that the reason that the rounded corners throughout the entire operating system may be a decision of the chief designer, that is, Jony Ive. However, nothing is further from reality, it is Steve Jobs himself who was frantically obsessed with this order. To understand it we go back to Apple Lisa, where Steve Jobs asked his engineers, that in the drawing application, rectangles with rounded corners could be created, and not only that, circles and ovals could also be created, which left Steve Jobs really impressed. Since then, Steve Jobs' obsession with content with rounded angles has been traced back to today, a custom that all its operating systems continue to maintain.

Steve – The circles are fine, and the ovals are good, but what about drawing rectangles with rounded corners? Can we do it too?

Atkinson – No, we can't do that. In fact it would be very difficult to do it, and I don't think we really need it.

Steve – Rectangles with rounded corners are everywhere, just look around this room. If you look outside, there is still more, there is practically everywhere.

After doing a walk, he led Atkinson to the conclusion that he should work in those rounded corners, and so it was. Just a little anecdote that makes us see how obsessed Jobs was with rounded angles.

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