The suppliers of the curved glass of the iPhone of 2017 already work in the

Like almost every year, the iPhone 7 has not yet been officially presented and the next model is already being discussed. But this time it seems that the rumors are not limited to talk about how the 2017 iPhoneIf not, they also ensure that they are already working on this model. The reason is none other than the curved glass You are expected to have what is also known as the tenth anniversary iPhone.

The information has been published by DigiTimes, a Chinese medium that has a mixed success rate in its predictions, so we have to take this information with a certain level of skepticism. According to the Chinese media, the Mirle Automation company is already working on the technology necessary to create a 3D curved glass housing. I have read in some media that mention that it would be something like those we have already seen in Samsung's Edge models, but DigiTimes does not mention the Korean giant at any time.

The 2017 iPhone will have curved glass, but how will it be?

DigiTimes cites as a source information published by Commercial Times and ensures that the iPhone manufacturing of 2017 has already begun:

Mirle has obtained orders for the new equipment developed by Foxconn Technology and Lens Technology with shipments (of components) scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2016. The Foxconn Technology glass case has passed Apple's verification recently and the Taiwanese company expects to join Ben Optics and Lens Technology to provide Curved 3D glass cases for the iPhone of 2017.

According to all sources and rumors, the 2017 iPhone, tenth anniversary iPhone or whatever they decide to call it will use a OLED screen (or MicroLED) that will allow you to have a more rounded shape. Personally, I would be surprised to see an iPhone as similar to Samsung's Edge models as we see in the header image and I am more inclined to think that Apple has a different idea that will be more productive at the same time. Apparently, we will leave doubts in a little over a year. Or will it be fulfilled next year that the launch of the new iPhone will occur in June for being the tenth anniversary?

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