the wireless charging base that we will not see until 2018

The keynote we have experienced today has been one of the most important presentations of recent times, not only for new products but for the amount of new technology implemented in them. In the case of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, the wireless charging, something that many users expected for several generations.

It has also been presented AirPower, Apple's wireless charging base, Which will not see the light until 2018 since apparently the big apple has to review the Qi standards on which this new accessory is based with which they can be loaded simultaneously Three devices

A necessary accessory but it will take us to see: the AirPower

Let's make things clear: Qi is not Apple's own technology. Qi technology is a standard for wireless energy transfer, or what is the same: induction charging. Compatibility based on this standard has a number of requirements among which are, in the case of new iPhone, the rear glass of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, as Apple justifies in its press release today:

The rear glass design allows a world-class wireless charging solution.

The mobile device is placed on the top of the platform and the receiver, which is the device, receives energy through induction. This technology was created with the objective of establishing a Standard usable by all companies for inductive load.

AirPower is nothing more than using this technology for the benefit of Apple Reinventing it by offering a new product. In this case it is a wireless charging base larger than normal, with which we can charge several devices at once (three devices, specifically) among those who are the new Apple Watch Series 3, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the AirPods (with the new housing) and the iPhone X.

If we have the iPhone connected, an animation will appear every time we deposit a device in the charging base. These animations were those leaked in iOS GM and that gave us one more clue about the final design of the iPhone X. The main problem is that We don't know if the AirPower will be compatible with other Qi standards, that is, if other smartphones can be charged with the Apple base.

The accessory will be available during 2018 due to problems related to the Qi standards that have to be confirmed by different legal entities. Apple has assured that it will be available at the beginning of the year, but there is no official confirmation of the compatibility nor the price, which insurance will be high if it is compatible with third-party devices.

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