These are the news of the 11.4 update for the HomePod

The HomePod has not yet been launched worldwide, but finally some of the functions that Apple announced in its presentation have arrived but have been waiting several months since its launch. The new iOS 11.4 version that can already be downloaded is the second update that HomePod receives and the most important to date.

The possibility of connecting two speakers to get a more real stereo sound, Compatibility with the Calendar or the arrival of AirPlay 2 These are the most important improvements that this speaker has received with this new version that we detail below.

The update to 11.4 will be installed automatically on your HomePod if you have it configured in the Home settings, the application from which the functions of this Apple smart speaker are managed. If you want to force the update to be done already, you will have to access the Settings of your home inside the Home application and install it manually. You have a tutorial on how to do it on this link. The installation takes only a couple of minutes and your speaker will already be in the latest available version.

This new version brings AirPlay 2, a function that will allow the HomePod to play the same song in different rooms or different songs in different rooms, all controlled from your iPhone. All speakers compatible with AirPlay 2 can enjoy this function, even if they are from other brands. In addition Siri will be able to control music playback on any speaker compatible with AirPlay 2. In addition you can also use two HomePods to create a spectacular stereo system thanks to the sound quality of the Apple speaker. You will only need to place them in the same room to create a pair of stereo speakers.

In addition to these improvements in sound reproduction HomePod finally becomes smarter with access to Calendar. At the moment these functions are only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, the only countries where the HomePod is for sale, but can be used from where you have your HomePod provided you have those languages ​​configured.

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