They say the iPhone mount the USB C connector soon

Few to say almost no one who knows the steps that the Cupertino company usually takes are believed to go to replace the Lightning connector with the USB C, but we can never confirm anything until the new iPhone models of this year and later appear.

A statement leaked from the well-known DigiTimes media warns that the next iPhone models would add this connector on the smarphone. This could come in 2019 according to the media, but it is true that after all the time they have had the option of placing the universal port on the device they have not done it and this leaves us with little hope.

The well-known media warns that the production lines would be preparing the iPhone and iPad to receive the USB C, in the next generations and therefore would adapt to the battle of unifying the connections and adapters could definitely be dispensed with We need today.

Would it be good or bad to have this connector on the iPhone?

The advantages in terms of connection speeds between the Lightning port and the USB C are slim, both ports are really powerful and have all kinds of accessories for users. But would it be good or bad to have this connector on the iPhone? the question has a trap and is that users who have iPhone have Lightning accessories and these would be relegated for those who use USB C.

In any case it could be positive to standardize the connections, it would serve to connect the iPhone to the Mac without using an adapter and possibly all of it we would appreciate it over time, but personally I think there is not much to scratch in this news that has been rumored for years, we will see what happens but all Apple products use Lightning except for the Mac, so I do not see much future to the rumor.

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