This concept of iOS 12 offers us the Notification Center that we all want

IOS 12 is approaching and that means that ideas about what news the next version of iOS for iPhone and iPad could incorporate are going to start multiplying over the network, sometimes finding some that are worth highlighting like the one we show you here today. This is an idea that BirchTree has published and that is related to the notification center.

With an idea as basic as grouping notifications by application and with new ideas of quick response but maintaining the purest aesthetic of iOS It shows us a Notification Center that surely more than one would sign for our iPhone. We show you more images and data below.

This concept the first thing it does is reduce the space that the clock occupies, and in less space it not only offers us the time information but also we can see the current weather, with an icon that shows us if it is sunny, cloudy or raining, and the current temperature figure. Less occupied space and more informationIt seems like an interesting idea.

What good is a long list of notifications that are lazy just to see it? How many times have you deleted all notifications without reading them? The reality is that the notification center is used much less than we should, and it is basically because the presentation it offers us is chaotic. A chronological order does not make sense regardless of what application the notification offers us. In this way you could see at a glance the notifications that interest you most and discard those that do not.

And in the case that we also have different senders, as in the Messages, WhatsApp or Telegram application, not only would they be presented to us grouped by application but also by sender. Much better to see a conversation grouped in a single notification than to browse the endless list that iOS 11 offers us right now.

And finally the quick answers are also modified in this concept with a much more careful aesthetic that the one that is now shown in iOS 11. It is definitely a change that modifies just two or three details but that completely changes how the Notification Center works and that would multiply its usefulness on a day-to-day basis.

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