This has been the launch of the iPhone XR in Puerta del Sol

I approached the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid this morning, where we find the Apple store and the flagship store of the three main operators.

Although Apple opens reservations before on the web, even if you go to pick it up at the store, the truth is that there is always a stock available in stores on launch day so that those early risers can buy it even without having a reservation.

In iPhone XR is no exception to this and Apple's store in Puerta del Sol had stock, which there were no early risers.

I arrived around 10 in the morning and, to my surprise, there was no queue. If there was extra security, as they usually put, and there were even the fences to queue, but they were set apart and accumulated on a wall. They have not been necessary.

Inside the store, Two tables already had all the iPhone XR models to see and touch the new iPhone. Also very attentive employees, explaining the news and, of course, selling iPhone XR.

I asked what colors and capacities were left, and they told me that there was no problem, that they had everyone and that, if I wanted to, I could book one or even buy one and take it home to try it (Remember that Apple lets you return the iPhone in the first 14 days without problem).

A long awaited release by many, with one of the most critically acclaimed iPhone and, at the same time, at a much lower price than the XS which has not been reflected in stores.

Right now they have units and expect to receive more, so, if you had planned to buy an iPhone XR, you can go to a store, at least to Puerta del Sol, and buy it without problems. (Since the Apple Store app does not let buy and collect in store for now).

Even so, since it was in Puerta del Sol and that the iPhone XR is, as many have called it, a candy for operators that can put it financed monthly at very competitive prices, I decided to approach the different stores of the operators.

In Vodafone Puerta del Sol does not have an iPhone XR on display, and a clerk told me that they had just received them this morning and that they still did not know what they had received but, if he wanted to, looked at him. I wasn't going to buy it, so I was satisfied and didn't bother the Vodafone girl anymore. But, there is stock and, apparently, very few interested because at 11:30 in the morning they had not yet taken out the iPhone XR.

In Orange they had none exposed either, but they had everything already stabbed and he told me that, except for a couple of 256 Gb models (they might not receive), they had no stock problem.

By last, Movistar, in his store in Gran Vía, If I had an iPhone XR on display and even an informative screen about the colors and capabilities they had. Of all they had units except for coral of 128 Gb., And coral, white and blue of 256 Gb. That is, of 64 Gb. They had of all the colors.

I have no doubt that the iPhone XR will be a bestseller, but its launch has not been, by far, by far. Without queues and without stock problems, remember that Apple wanted this for its iPhone. There was a time when queues were true street camps and therefore reinforced the philosophy of booking before launch day without securing units in stores.

If you have an Apple store nearby, do not hesitate to stop by because you can see the iPhone XR and … the HomePod! That is now available to buy in Spain after the official presentation of Tim Cook yesterday at the Puerta del Sol store and, in addition, to see it live. The music of the store, in fact, was provided by a couple of HomePods that there were.

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