This is how new FaceTime group calls work on iOS 12

The news of iOS 12 appeared in block when it was officially launched with some exception. Apple repeated the novelty related to FaceTime in the final version, but finally included it in the iOS 12.1 update. It's about the FaceTime group calls, with which we can make video calls of up to 32 people.

In this article we teach you to create groups to make calls in a simpler way and we tell you all the characteristics of a function that many will use not only to enjoy in your free time seeing family or friends, but you can probably work thanks to this new tool.

Let's recap … Where do the group calls come from?

Apple introduced iOS 12 at WWDC 2018 in June of this year. This was one of the novelties that captivated all attendees and users that we later learned. The function allowed to create group video calls of up to 32 people using FaceTime. The question that arose was how the different faces were going to be organized on the screen so as not to lose any information.

As well. It will be logical that in a conversation of 32 people there is a word order or probably not many people speak at once. iOS 12 analyzes who is speaking and is displayed on the screen, leaving those who are not currently intervening in hiding. The iOS 12 betas They showed the function and it worked really well. But nevertheless, Apple removed the tool in the final version of iOS 12, and said he would include it in iOS 12.1. So it was.

How to create a group video call on FaceTime

It is very simple. First, you have to make sure you have iOS 12.1 on your device. You can only make calls and group video calls to those users who also have their device updated to that version. Once this point is verified, you will have to enter the FaceTime app and click on the one located in the upper right corner.

Next, you will have to select to all the people you want to add to the call. FaceTime indicates in blue those users that do have iOS 12.1 installed, so the group call can be made. Once you have chosen all the users you want to add to the call (eye, it has a maximum of 32 users), you can choose if you want to make a video call or voice call.

Once you start the call, the call will begin and once you accept the call they will begin to appear on the screen. Those users who speak, in case it is a video call, will appear on the screen, the rest will be hidden. In the case of the iPad, many more faces will fit than on the iPhone, as is logical.

Also, once the call ends, a recent group will have been created in your FaceTime application. This means that if you click on it after it has finished, a new call will be initiated without adding users one by one as you had done before. In addition, once the call has started you can use the different effects that are also made available to the user in the Messages app, to liven up the video call in case it is a more relaxed environment.

As a curiosity, if you have a group of more than two people in Messages, you can start a voice call or video call just by clicking on the "call" or "video call" button. In case you want to add a new person to the call, you only have to click on the three points that appear in the call in the upper right, and click on “Add person”.

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