This is how the WalkOS-Talkie function of watchOS 5 works

One of the few novelties of watchOS 5, not related to sports activity, is found in the walkie-talkie function, a function that allows us send audio messages between Apple Watch. The operation of this function is very similar to the one currently offered by messaging applications, applications that allow us to send audio messages.

Walkie-Talkie works as audio messages through FaceTime, instead of making recordings of messages that are subsequently sent, so they leave no trace on any of the devices, being a very safe way to hold a conversation, without the records being stored on the phone or on the device.

The operation is very simple, since we just have to open the application, select the contact and press and hold the Talk button to send the audio To our recipient. As long as the recipient has the application open, the audio will be played automatically through the device's speaker. If not, you will receive a notification to open the application and play it.

The initial communication, that is, the first audio sent, may take longer until the device with which we want to communicate is located. Once the connection is established, the communication will be instantaneous.

The functionality offered by this application is very similar to what applications with this functionality offer us, but unlike these, Apple does not record the audios to send them later, but a kind of unidirectional call is established between the sender and the receiver, so the audios are not stored on any server and are registered.

If you are users of a first-generation Apple Watch, you should know that you will not be able to enjoy this function, since Apple has left the original Apple Watch without updates, three years after its launch.

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