This is the new iOS 12 notifications presented at WWDC

Apple has introduced iOS 12, a version of its iOS operating system focused on improving device performance.

But of course, iOS 12 has come with small news and improvements. Of those that improve the use of our iPhone almost without realizing it, but then become essential. This is the case with news in iOS 12 notifications.

Craig Federighi was in charge, as usual, of guiding us through the news of iOS e He made special mention of three aspects that make notifications better as always in iOS 12.

"Instant Tuning"

Now Notifications can be managed from the lock screen. Simply, sliding your finger to the left on the notification, the option “Manage” will appear.

We can choose between "Turn off", which will disable all notifications of the specific application, or "Deliver in silence". This option means that notifications do not appear on the lock screen of our iOS device, but, directly, with a balloon in the app and / or in the notification center.

It is a fairly comfortable solution, especially if we can configure it from the lock screen itself, which lets get rid of that overdose of notifications, like those of social networks, which we receive sometimes and that are not as important as a message, a reminder or an email.

Of course this We can also manage it from the Device Settings in “Notifications”. There, we can manage each app in a new, more visual menu with more options.

Further, Siri will suggest – as you think – that you disable notifications of apps you don't use.

Group Notifications

Copy or whatever you want, the truth is that we had been asking Apple for an improvement in the presentation of notifications. Thanks to group notifications, we will see notification tacos organized by app or by category , which will allow us to better deal with notifications.

A whole group of hit notifications can be managed, or we can deploy the group and see them as we are used to in iOS 11.

In the “Notifications” menu We can manage if we want an app to group all messages, never group them or do it automatically.

"Do not disturb" while you sleep

"Do not disturb" has received more news and deserve a mention in another article. But if we talk about notifications and the need for better management of those that come to us, it should be mentioned that “Do not disturb” has added the option of not disturbing while you sleep, an option that hides notifications until we wake up. It must be said that it is not that the screen does not sound or does not light up, this is already done by “Do not disturb” in iOS 11, it is that when looking at the screen at night, it will be dark and without notifications that we They give up when they see the time, for example.

In short, small and demanded improvements that arrive with iOS 12 and that will become essential from day one.

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