This is what the iOS 11 Status Bar looks like on an iPhone X discovered in the leak

We keep on touching us, the reality is that Apple is increasingly struggling to keep its secrets, the leaking of the GM of iOS 11 has been a real shattered for the secrecy that usually (or rather used to) accompany each of the Apple Keynote. In this case we are very attentive to how the Status Bar will be seen in iOS 11 for the iPhone Edition.

We did not know very well how Apple was going to manage to make the status bar look having that upper island that sneaks into the screen panel and where the cameras, sensor and speaker are located.

Has been Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) who on Twitter has wanted to leave us these fantastic images of how it would look on an iPhone Edition. Of course, he does not have a device with these characteristics, so using an iPhone 7 seems to have slightly altered the code to make him believe that it is running on an iPhone Edition, and This has been the fantastic result, hit the Play if you want to see how it looks like iOS 11 GM on an iPhone Edition, nothing that will leave you indifferent, since it is something that we had been questioning months ago.

As we can see, the right bar will be animated, this means that the left side will usually be left to show the time, while it is the right side that will focus on displaying information such as coverage, battery or animations corresponding to any type of configuration on the phone. The header image is a capture that the user has shared on Twitter, while the video is perhaps more revealing, but the image quality is typical of this type of content. We continue to approach the final version, there are only three days left.

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