three smart plugs in one

Smart plugs have become the most beloved devices for those who enter HomeKit, Apple's home automation platform. Its advanced functions and the possibility of configuring automations or to control by voice make them ideal for handling fans, boilers, lights or any appliance we have at home.

We analyze the Koogeek smart strip, Smart Outlet, which brings us three smart plugs that can be controlled independently through Siri and integrated into HomeKit offering endless automation options with other devices compatible with the platform. All the details, below.

Design and specifications

It is a strip with a very conventional design, something that in these devices is not an inconvenience but quite the opposite. It has three "conventional" sockets and three USB connectors to recharge compatible devices. Each of the three plugs is independent and can be connected or disconnected with a physical button next to it, but HomeKit will also recognize you as different plugs, allowing each one to be controlled by your voice or through the Home application. Of the three USB connectors, one has a power of 2.1A allowing the recharge of an iPad, and the other two of 1A, for an iPhone or any other smartphone. Finish the design of the power strip with three LED indicators that indicate if each plug is on or off.

The mains connection cable is 1.5 meters long, more than enough distance for most circumstances. Of course there is no lack of minimally enforceable safety measures, such as protection against overloads and short circuits or temperature control. If you look at the compatible home automation platforms we can include them all, both HomeKit and Google Assistant and Alexa, although the latter is not yet in Spanish. Like most devices of this type, its connectivity in WiFi supports 2.4GHz networks, so you will not have problems of range.

We have also analyzed the Koogeek smart plug, with almost identical but individual features. You can see the review in this link.

HomeKit, Siri and Casa

Being compatible with HomeKit means a lot, since the configuration is practically automatic, with just a couple of steps in which you must intervene, until the possibilities you have with this device multiply. Of course you can control it by voice using Siri on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, and also with your HomePod that can already be used in Spanish and that can soon be purchased in Spain and Mexico. You can also establish automation and environments using other devices compatible with the Apple platform, even if they are from other brands. The HomeKit seal means virtually universal compatibility between all devices, and that is greatly appreciated when you already have several and not all of the same brand.

An example of automation that takes advantage of the possibilities of HomeKit and this smart strip is to have a lamp plugged into it automatically turn on an hour before sunset only if someone is at home. Or what when someone comes home and after sunset the lamp turns on automatically. They are some of the simplest automations that we can configure through HomeKit and the Casa app for iOS or macOS, and in which we can include as many HomeKit accessories as we want.

The Koogeek app, which can be downloaded from the App Store for free (link) is very similar to the Apple House app, although with some additional features. One of them is the possibility of knowing the energy consumption of the connected devices to each of the plugs of the power strip. The app saves the consumption history, and you can see them in the graph that is offered to you. In the Koogeek app we can even see and control HomeKit devices of any other brand.

Editor's Opinion

The Koogeek Smart Outlet terminal strip brings together three smart plugs compatible with HomeKit in a single device that you can control individually. Compatible with Siri in the HomePod or your Apple device, or control them through the Home application and Koogeek's own one, the possibilities of automation and interaction with other HomeKit compatible devices are enormous. In addition, its three USB ports are very practical for use as a charger for other accessories. Is available at a price of € 59.99 on Amazon (link), very tight for everything it offers us.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 59.99


  • Three plugs in one device
  • Individually controllable
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit
  • WiFi connectivity


  • Of the three USB ports, only one is 2.1A

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