Today HomePod is on sale in France, Germany and Canada

They are the first three countries to have the new Apple speaker, the Homepod, for sale. Without a doubt this is a good reference to see the prices that Apple could put in our country at the time it is decided to launch them, in the case of France and Germany the price of the HomePod reaches 349 euros, which can mark the price for the rest of the countries of the European Union when Apple decides to launch it.

It is definitely the most interesting of a story that was already known for a few days and that Apple could not “hide” too much the launch of these HomePod a few days ago and now we can say those users who want In France, Germany and Canada they already have the option to buy it.

HomePod language is not a problem

The staging of these HomePods was a real puzzle to Apple on the subject of language, at least that is what they tried to tell us (rather they wanted to strain us) when they announced the phased launch of the speaker for issues of incompatibility with languages ​​and Siri . Now after a time when the speaker is already on the market and that some of us even have the option of using the Homepod (our partner Luis has it) we realize that Actually Siri doesn't do much more than on an iPhone, Mac or iPad and that possibly the language issue was an excuse for Apple.

But the important thing now is that the speaker is already being marketed in more countries and its arrival in France, Germany and Canada makes us think that it could soon be available in our country. Those who have already bought it will simply have to update the software (which will surely be automatic) and can talk to Siri perfectly, well, as with the rest of the iOS device …

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