Twelve South AirFly, the perfect solution to use your Bluetooth headphones anywhere

Bluetooth headphones have huge advantages over conventional headphones with cable and 3.5mm connection, but sometimes we find the inconvenience that the player lacks this wireless connection. It may seem a lie that today this happens, but gyms, buses, trains or airplanes still use this type of connection for their entertainment systems, not to mention other types of players such as televisions or even the iPod nano or shuffle that many of us still have.

It is at those precise moments when one takes their brand new AirPods and looks silly. Someday this wireless connectivity will arrive to these places, but for now we have no other alternative than use conventional headphones, or use an adapter like Twelve South's AirFly, an accessory as simple as practical that solves at a stroke with all these problems.

With a size smaller than that of the AirPods case (especially thinner) this small accessory is responsible for congering the analog signal of any device with headphone output and transforming it into a Bluetooth signal to use any headset compatible with this wireless technology , like the AirPods. Press and hold on the single AirFly button to put it in link mode, put your headphones in the same mode and they will automatically link without problems. You will only have to perform this operation once, since AirFly will store your headphones in memory so you do not have to repeat the operation.

Although it has up to 8 hours of autonomy, if the device has a USB output this will not be a problem since you can have it connected while it is charging, something that is ideal for example to use it with your TV and forget to recharge it when connecting it to any usb of it. AirFly also includes everything you need: Jack cable, USB to microUSB cable and a carrying bag to always carry it with you.

Editor's Opinion

Although similar solutions already exist in the market, very few have the small size and performance of AirFly. With a range of up to 8 hours and a very simple configuration, this small Twelve South accessory will allow you to enjoy your AirPods or any other wireless headset in those places where you do not have this connectivity: gyms, trains, airplanes or buses. Or maybe you just want to use your AirPods with your TV that doesn't have Bluetooth. For € 44.99 you can get it directly from Amazon Spain in this link.

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  • € 44.99

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    • Small and with everything you need in a small carrying bag
    • Easy to set up
    • Up to 8 hours of autonomy


    • Absence of battery indicator

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