Twitter test with last-minute news notifications

For quite some time now, practically whenever I read or hear about any news related to Twitter I am left with the feeling that they are very lost and I imagine that they are like a dog that turns around trying to catch its own tail. The microblogging network is making some movements that make it lose its essence, like the last thing they are testing: Notifications with important news headlines Last minute

As you can see in the following image, the first test of this function was made after the Berlin attack that took place last Monday. Buzzfeed ensures that Twitter wants to re-invent itself as a news application, something that would show that its developers have changed the category in which it appears in the App Store of Social Networks to News. As I mentioned earlier, it seems that the famous microblogging network aims to change everything that has made it popular, something that seems very dangerous to them and annoying to users.

Twitter wants to re-invent itself as a news application

Twitter confirmed to Buzzfeed that it is sending notifications of breaking news as part of a test, ensuring that it is an algorithm who decides who is notified about what.

If you follow this path, these last movements could be the perfect answer for users who ask why we use Tweetbot or other third-party Twitter clients. One reason would be that we do not want to receive notifications without knowing when or about what, especially considering that it will be an algorithm who decides whether to notify us or not.

In my opinion, Twitter is a network of microblogging, that is, it is a personal blog in which users can publish, in a few words, what we think and follow other users or companies to find out only what interests us. If you are having such success among users, it is because of how it was created, not because of the most recent changes. If they change all that, it is likely that the remedy is worse than the disease and eventually weary the users. How do you see it?

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