UK police choose to "steal" criminal iPhone

We return months ago, when the FBI was trying to get Tim Cook to put all his software engineering and security machinery in charge of the public powers of the United States of America. Logically all this for free and under the banner of national security. Nothing is further from reality, Tim Cook promised not to fail his clients in this way, which has generated a lot of controversy, and that is that every time they are made with the iPhone of a criminal, the same horror movie begins, There is no way to unlock it. But nevertheless, UK police have alluded to their ingenuity and opted for the best of tactics, stealing the phone from the poo when it is unlocked.

I don't even want to imagine an elite police device, waiting for the criminal in question Pose your fingerprint on the Touch ID with the intention of reading your mother's WhatsApp, reminding him that there will be macaroni for dinner. At that time, all armed police will leave and they will get the device unlocked, which will facilitate and much access to the compromised information of the same. Anyway, so surreal as real, and that is that the UK police are already using this tactic.

While the police were stalking him, the criminal in question was using his cell phone, so he assaulted him and ordered him to give him the mobile phone (according to the BBC). He arrested the criminal, and the policeman was browsing iOS until he handed over the phone in the department in question, with the sole intention of not blocking it automatically. It sounds really strange, almost hilarious, but that is what the British media say. A new method, with less glamor and Israeli companies involved, but that seems to work as well as any other.

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