We analyze the tremendous mophie battery, the Powerstation XXL

If we talk about batteries for our phones, we have to talk about mophie, the company behind the first external battery for the iPhone (and from its cover "juice pack", the original).

For 10 years, they have been improving batteries. Bigger, faster, with more connectors, more colors and more models. This time we will analyze the tremendous external battery of mophie, the powerstation XXL.

His name tells us everything, it's big. Very big. 20,000 mAh battery To put it in context, the iPhone XS has 2,658 mAh, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro has 10,875 mAh. We can charge both from scratch, and you could still charge the Airpods, the Apple Pencil and, incidentally, an entire iPhone 7 Plus with its huge 2,900 mAh battery. and we still have plenty of charge on the XXL powerstation to charge the iPhone XS a second time.

It is also large on the outside. And heavy. But mophie doesn't want it to be the battery you carry all day (there are other models for that). The powerstation XXL is not to give an extra touch of life at the end of the day to that iPhone that does not arrive. The Powerstation XXL is there to replace a power plant and, directly, we don't need a plug. To be able to go on a weekend trip without worrying about finding a plug, since it offers us up to 100 more hours of using our iPhone.

The Powerstation XXL has three USB-A ports. One charges at 1.0 A, another at 2.1 A and a third at 2.1 A and with “priority charching”. This port will give charging priority to the device that we connect to it. Not in front of the other USB ports, but in front of the charging of the Powerstation XXL itself. This allows us to charge a device and the battery itself with a single power adapter, knowing that our device will be charged first and the remaining time we will recharge the external mophie battery.

It is available in two colors, space gray and rose gold that perfectly match the colors of our iPhone. The finish of the battery is aluminum, with plastic edges, both very aesthetic and pleasant to the touch and, despite its size, it is very comfortable to carry in any bag or backpack.

It has 4 LED lights and a button that serve as battery indicators. In the rest of the exterior we only find the 3 USB ports and the micro-USB port that will be used to charge the battery with the included cable (or with any micro-USB cable we have).

In its use I have enjoyed its enormous capacity, which allows you to worry about charging the battery daily, since it lasts several days, not as with smaller batteries. It even becomes ridiculous, as you usually end up deciding to charge the battery before it runs out on most occasions. But, in fact, being so large, it is advisable to charge it since we can and not wait for it to run out, because the time it takes to charge 100% from the depleted battery is considerable depending on the charger we use. With the iPhone charger it has been charging all night.

Of course, The battery is capable of charging three devices at once without problem and we must remember that it is capable of charging any device that charges with USB. For example, and beyond smartphones, you can charge headphones, speakers, controls, tablets, cameras, watches, etc. and, in addition, with the 2.1A charging port, we charge as fast as a normal wall socket.

One of the things that have surprised me the most about the mophie Powerstation XXL has been its load stability. At no time, even tucked into a backpack, has the device stopped charging. Something that happened with other batteries too often.

Editor's Opinion

If you are looking for a tremendous battery in every way, which replaces the plug on your trips, do not hesitate, The mophie Powerstation XXL is a small electric station that we can take with us without problems and will never leave us lying. its price is € 88 on Amazon (link)

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 88


  • 20,000mAh capacity
  • Two 2.1 ports with priority charging port
  • Stable load
  • Compact size


  • MicroUSB port to recharge

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