We tested the Aukey SK-S1 bluetooth speaker: good, beautiful, and cheap

You know how much we like it try products, we know that you are all looking forward to a review of the new iPhone X (and surely the iPhone 8). Product tests that can make you whether or not to buy them, and it is that as much as the manufacturers tell us all the wonders of their products, in the end it is the tests of a user that can tell if we are facing a good product or not.

Today we bring you the review of one of those products that have changed the way you listen to music, the Bluetooth speakers, undoubtedly one of the most versatile devices that allow us to play music wirelessly from any of our Bluetooth devices, yes from the iPhone / iPad as well. And surely the brand sounds like many Aukey, a fairly economical brand that builds quite efficient products like the one we bring you today: Bluetooth speaker Aukey SK-S1, a versatile speaker for you to listen to (or even use as hands-free) any type of music. After the jump we give you all the details of this Aukey SK-S1, one of the Bluetooth speakers for our iPhone cheaper and with better sound available in the market …

Features of the Aukey SK-S1

The Aukey SK-S1 has two 8W drivers that will provide enough sound So it can be heard without problems in a normal room. Drivers controlled by a digital signal processor (DSP) that although it provides a powerful sound peca sometimes with the serious, yes, if you are lovers of the past sound of bass you will not have any problem, if you are not always you can equalize the signal by removing a bit of bass. Has two batteries of 2000mAh, more than enough to have a 8 hour playback, we have not had any problem with this and it warns you before the battery runs out completely. The speaker also has a built-in microphone which will allow us to make or receive calls without any problem.

Bluetooth speaker design

The design is undoubtedly what we liked most, it is a small but powerful speaker, a “Box” with microperforations which in its upper part has the classic control buttons: a button to accept or cancel calls, volume controls (these control the volume of our iPhone if we are connected by Bluetooth), and controls to move to the next song (or return to the previous one) in addition to a button to put or play or pause what we are playing. He has no more, nor does he need it. PBottom art is built in a non-slip material so you can support it on any surface. It is important to say that has no protection against water, so you have to be careful in some environments where you can get wet …

Aukey SK-S1 Connections

Regarding Aukey SK-S1 sound inputs (they are in the back) that it has, you will find (obviously) the entrance Bluetooth 4.0 It works really well and does not show any loss of sound in the entire time we have been testing it. Also interesting is the possibility of using a sound input via minijack, the lifelong sound plug, something that will make the speaker spend less battery because when connecting a minijack you disable the Bluetooth interface. Also, as a charging method we will find a microUSB (the USB – microUSB cable is included but not the plug).

Where to buy the Aukey SK-S1 Bluetooth Speaker?

We can summarize the Aukey SK-S1, as we have put in the title: a good, pretty, and cheap speaker. And it is that few similar devices you can find with that price. I have to say that I am using it more with the auxiliary input (with other devices that do not have Bluetooth) of it since it had other Bluetooth speakers, but it is certainly a great option due to its power and its size, and especially as I say: for his price. You can get it at Amazon (Aukey's main provider) for just € 39.99 via the following link: AUKEY Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Enhanced Bass, Dual Drivers, Metal Housing, Wireless Speakers for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Laptops and More (SK-S1). In addition the boys of Aukey have given us a € 6 discount code, you just have to add the following code (6X5DKMQE) during the purchase process on Amazon, it is valid until September 18 so do not hesitate to use it.

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