We tested the Moshi Digits, the best gloves for the screen of our iPhone

It is likely that many of you find yourself opening many of the gifts that your relatives have given you, many others will have to wait until next January 6, the day of kings, a day in which many gifts are traditionally also given. But, What to give to a technology lover? Today we bring you a fairly economical proposal and that any gadget lover will thank you for.

Have you ever worn gloves with your iPhone? you will have realized all the problems that this entails, and that is that you have to be prepared to use electronic screens with low temperatures. Some time ago I had some gloves with which you could use the mobile without problem. Of propaganda, in their day they were the fashionable gift of the merchandising of the companies. But no, they were not a great option, they were gloves that did not make good use of what they were: gloves. I doubt that anyone will find something good gloves and a gadget with which to touch the screen of our devices. The Moshi Digits are something different

For some time I have an iPhone 7, you know, there was a lot of news that spoke that you could never use gloves, no matter how prepared they were for digital screens, with the new Home button of the iPhone, with the Moshi Digits you can… AND is that gloves are woven in nylon with silver fibers, something that makes them conductive so that we can work smoothly with the screen of our devices. Yes, there are cheaper options with conductive glue on the fingertips, but the Moshi Digits go further, do not deteriorate and you can use it in any circumstance without any problem. I'm going beyond you can touch the iPhone (the screen of your device) with any part of your hand that will respond as if you were not wearing any gloves. Obviously the Touch ID will not work, something that is solved by entering the unlock code manually.

The Moshi Digits that we have tried, the ones you see in the images, are quite comfortable and have not presented any problem to the interact with iPhone screens, the same with Apple Watch or iPad. You can get them for € 35, a price not excessive if we consider that we are talking about quality gloves. All this from Moshi's own official website.

So you know, forget about those gloves that don't shelter, and much less stop cutting the tips of your usual gloves.

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