WeMo Bridge, adding compatibility with Apple HomeKit

Home automation is one of the fields of consumer electronics that is expanding the most in homes around the world: smart light bulbs; thermostats that are regulated from the mobile and anywhere; plugs that inform you of energy expenditure and offering the possibility of disconnecting remotely, etc. Belkin is one of the companies that has a large catalog of accessories to choose from. However, they had a great but: they were not compatible with the Apple protocol known as HomeKit.

Now, the popular accessory brands have attended CES 2018 that is being held in Las Vegas and there has announced something highly anticipated by Apple computer users. They launch an accessory that will allow you to control your extensive list of products from an iPhone, iPad. This accessory is called WeMo Bridge.

What will you have to do with this WeMo Bridge? Well, very easy: connect it to both your router and the nearest outlet To make it work. Thereafter, and as its name indicates, it will make a "bridge" between Belkin's WeMo devices with Apple's mobile devices.

As the company announced in the presentation of this interesting accessory for its home automation product line, the WeMo Bridge will be compatible with: Belkin WeMo Switch (first generation), Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, Belkin WeMo Light Switch, Belkin WeMo Mini, Belkin WeMo Dimmer and Belkin WeMo Motion Detector.

It is also announced that the price of this Belkin WeMo Bridge will not be very expensive: $ 39.99 (about 34 euros to the current change) and can be purchased through the usual channels, which in Spain are: Amazon, MediaMarkt, Fnac, El Corte Inglés, Worten, Macníficos or K-Tuin. Now while its availability is immediate in the United States, in the rest of the countries you should still wait to hear from us.

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