What does Apple's warranty cover on our iPhone?

When we buy a new product from Apple we have a legal guarantee period of two years to which we can add another year if we buy the purchase of Apple Care. Next, we will detail what each of these guarantees consists of and what would be the price of the repairs in the Authorized Technical Service most common with which we can run into.

Clarifying concepts

Before we begin we must bear in mind that the Apple warranty by law is two years and before any damage to our device we will fix it but we must take into account the place of purchase. That is, It is common to find outlets that sell these products as we can find them in an Apple Store but that "force" us to use their technical service before going through Apple.

This point can cause us great problems since if this technical service is not authorized, we will automatically lose the warranty with Apple

On the other hand we have the option to buy AppleCare , which will give us one more year of guarantee to our product. This service, unlike other insurances offered by the other points of sale, can be purchased before 365 have passed since your purchase.

IPhone warranty

Without a doubt, it is Apple's best selling product and therefore, the one that visits the Technical Service the most. There are many iPhone users who think that because they are in possession of a warranty, any damage to their product is covered by Apple and it is not. The most common damages that usually occur are breaks or screen damage and battery problems. Let's analyze these two cases:

Starting with the iPhone screen repairs, we must bear in mind that any problem caused accidentally will not be covered by Apple's warranty, so it will cost us money to fix it.

The following table shows the prices of changing the screen in each of the models. These prices apply if you need to replace the screen due to accidental damage or misuse, if it breaks during the warranty period or if the screen stops working and the iPhone is not under warranty, that is, any damage to the screen, not covered by warranty.

The second most common problem on iPhone is the drums. If the duration of it is very short, more than normal with little use we should go to our nearest Apple Store.

In this case, the warranty does cover the costs of replacing the battery but be careful, it will not always be the case. As usual, before acting, Apple technicians will do an analysis of our iPhone to verify that it is a defective battery. Once diagnosed we must take into account some aspects so that the warranty covers this replacement.

The battery must have between 80% and 100% of its original load capacity to make the change totally free.

If not, we will have to pay a fee for out-of-warranty battery service, as shown in the following table.

Finally, any other repair that we need on our iPhone such as damage to the start button, liquid damage or any accessory Always accidentally, whether or not under warranty, the appropriate rates will apply. These rates are difficult to estimate until the moment an analysis of the device is carried out but Apple does establish a price table where the maximum cost of a repair according to the model.

If you have problems with your battery, we invite you to read the following article to try to solve them. How to calibrate the iPhone battery.


As we said at the beginning, Apple offers us the AppleCare plan to be able to extend the warranty of our device year after year. With this guarantee we will have covered our iPhone, the battery (as long as it is not less than 80%) and the accessories.

The price of this for an iPhone is € 70 per year, a price that if compared with the cost of repairs, is much lower and we are covered for any damage.

Be very careful with acquiring this plan on websites outside of the official ones or authorized by Apple, as they may be cheaper but at the time of registering they are totally false and do not serve us.

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