What does the iCloud symbol in front of the name of the applications in iOS mean?

Apple was one of the last companies to stop offering its input terminals with a storage capacity of only 16 GB, a space that once we discounted the operating system, we are left in something more than 11 GB, a space with which we were forced to control at all times the content we downloaded in our terminal.

Each new version of iOS offers us new functions, functions that on many occasions they go unnoticed by most users, until they accidentally find it or your device starts doing weird things. If you have ever wondered what is the iCloud symbol with a down arrow that is shown just in front of the name of some applications, read on that we explain it to you.

With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple wanted partially recognize that it was a mistake to have continued to offer models of only 16 GB and added a new function to the operating system, a function with which our terminal automatically removed the applications that had stopped being used in the last 30 days, but kept at all times the documents that could be found inside.

Not only does this function allow us to free up space without us noticing, but it also shows us clearly if we really need that application on our device, an application, or applications, that we have not used for more than 30 days.

Once we activated this function, we could not know what were the applications that Apple had removed from our device in any way, so to show it, iCloud symbol is added with a down arrow. When you press on that application with the iCloud symbol, the application will automatically download and then open showing all the files that we would have created inside.

How to prevent iOS from deleting applications I don't use

This feature is enabled by default every time we install a new version of iOS or buy a new terminal. If you want to deactivate it, you must go to Settings> iTunes Store and App Store and deactivate the tab Uninstall unused apps.

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