WhatsApp is updated again with a "bug fixes"

Something happens in the offices of WhatsApp Inc (in which we assume that they share fellows with Facebook), lately updates of WhatsApp do not stop arriving, it is almost monthly. This is not the WhatsApp we know, we have changed it for another. What has not changed is his hobby of including a "bug fixes", and experience tells us that this type of updates always brings us a subsequent update with very interesting innovations. Does anyone believe at this point the "Bug Fixes" of WhatsApp? Although in his favor we must say that this time they have alluded to a correct use of capital letters. Will we have hidden news? Let's check it out, because some news if we find ourselves.

Just use the new update of WhatsApp a few seconds and we realize that something has changed, and it seems that they are right "bug fixes". The application is shown much lighter, faster, the keyboard responds with an interesting ease and the frame drops when we scroll through the start menu through many conversations have also been improved, they are catching up with the code, and we have no doubt that they had a lot to fix there. But they have added something with nocturnality and joy, as they like, a new button.

New button and video calls in the code

This button is already found for example in Telegram, many times we navigate quite high, especially to read extensive conversations in the groups that interest us. But when we had to go down to the bottom it became a nightmare. Never again, WhatsApp has included a button to automatically download at the end of the conversation, and also will keep us in the same place while we read although new messages are constantly coming to the conversation. These WhatsApp little bit will learn, although we still do not see the news we expected as video calls. Meanwhile, we know that in the beta version of the application you can "quote" users and messages in groups, a function that we expect to arrive in the coming weeks.

However, as we are informed, video calls are already embedded in the code and waiting to be activated from Apple servers. Also, it seems that the button to switch between the front and rear iOS camera has turned blue.

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