WhatsApp surprises us with another supposed "Bugfixes"

Something they hide in WhatsApp offices and they don't want to share it with us. If until recently it was almost impossible to find a quarterly update of WhatsApp, we find that after the acquisition by Facebook, the application has had high points, such as today, reaching update twice in just one week. But nevertheless Bug Fixes again? That's right, secrecy looms again over the most popular messaging application on the marketThey refuse to show us the news we unveiled a few weeks ago and continue to "optimize" the application.

Although we all know that it is not so, since the last Bug Fixes It had no apparent or widespread failures, and they were not receiving complaints from users. Which leads us once again to think, that they have only launched this application to hide more and more content in the code that they will later release at once, presenting an update that really does include news. However, they insist on releasing these mysterious updates, that any of you, if you know the WhatsApp update policy lately, know that it goes far beyond the Bugfixes.

Really, absolutely no news has been found after this update, the application continues to run exactly the same as before and with no apparent novelty. So we can trust again that the news is hidden in the code, waiting for a developer of the WhatsApp offices to change the "off" for the "on" and begin to enjoy at last.

We remember that Some of the news that are expected are video calls, accompanied by a new function with which we can quote messages concrete of other users in the groups, as is done in Telegram. Support for GIFs will have to keep waiting for a while.

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