You can now get the new Belkin wireless charging bases

It was one of the novelties of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the wireless charging, the possibility of charging our devices just by placing them on top of an energy concentrate that thanks to the new glass covers is responsible for charging our devices. A quite convenient way to charge our devices that saves us having more cables. In addition, it is a new way to make money from Apple since together with the wireless charging, the AirPower presented the Apple wireless charging base that will allow charging three devices simultaneously, yes, we are still waiting for its official launch …

Well, pending the final launch of Apple's AirPower, third-party developers want to rush to launch their options to win users before Apple launches its own option. Belkin just put two options on sale, one charging base and a charging stand, both with wireless charging. After the jump we give you all the details of this new wireless charging.

We are facing the BOOST ↑ UP wireless charging base, and the Support wireless charging BOOST ↑ UP. A charging base that is very similar to the existing Belkin charging base but this time It comes with a variety of colors: pink, blue, black, and white, a perfect variety for you to combine the base with the housings of your devices. In the case of support the philosophy is the same, it is basically the same device but with a frame that will allow you to hold your devices vertically or horizontally, a very useful support to have a control of your device while you load it.

Base and load support that provide up to 10W of power to provide fast charging under the Qi standard, available on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Not everything was going to be nice, and it must be borne in mind that in the end this wireless charging is an investment in the end and these new Belkin devices are even more: 64.99 euros is the cost of the charging base, and 74.99 euros is the wireless charging support.

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