You can use the iPhone wireless charging with the case on

We are not few iPhone users who choose to use cases, either from Apple or from a euro on Aliexpress, the reality is that many of us prefer to protect our phone from bumps every day. However, now that Apple has included the functionality of wireless charging on the iPhone doubts arise … Can I charge my iPhone using a wireless charger with the case on?

The question is quite normal, the reality is that Unfortunately, iOS users are unaware of this type of technology, but let's try to get you out of doubt.

Definitely, just giving us a quick tour of the Apple Store Online We can see that both the Silicone Case and the leather version include in its description a fairly obvious indication that we will be able to charge it (if we look for the iPhone 8 cases, of course). If the silicone case and the skin of Apple itself allow us to load it, nothing makes us think that we will not be able to do it with any other normal case, always the finer the better. It is clear that we should not use metal sleeves, because it could create a load distortion.

In short, the question is quite resolved, you will effectively be able to charge your iPhone through compatible Qi wireless chargers without removing the case. This is fantastic, not only for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but it will also come quite well in the case of the iPhone X, all of them extremely beautiful phones, but considering the repair price of the iPhone's rear glass, Maybe you would like to have extra protection for your device. We hope your doubts have been resolved and you have taken the opportunity to see our review of the iPhone 8.

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