Your iPhone is going slow? The best tricks to improve performance

From the slowdowngate there are many users with terminals like the iPhone 6s that are thinking of mechanisms that allow them to improve performance that your device offers them. And the reality is evident, iOS 11 works notoriously worse on devices more than two years old, even when the battery has not suffered noticeable wear.

Therefore, and as in iPhone News we always want to help our readers to make their devices look like the first day, We are going to show you some quick and easy little tricks to significantly improve the performance of your iPhone and so you do not have to change the battery or other alternative solutions.

And as you well know, Apple has announced that you can replace the worn out battery of your device with "just" 29 euros, with which the wear of the same would be minimal, which would allow the processor to work at its full performance, thus preventing the significant decrease in speed offered by processors that detect battery wear, with the intention according to Apple of anticipate an unexpected blackout of the device due to excessive battery consumption. What has always been known as a battery uncalibrated and that has motivated many criticisms.

First: Check your battery's wear status

The application is no longer available in the App Store

As we have communicated a few moments ago, if your battery has a remarkably high wear, you will not get by any mechanism that your iPhone works as before, which will cause you an interesting economic expense, yes, lower than we found previously . So you will be able to go to the Apple Store to request your battery replacement, but … How do I check the wear of my battery? Well, the first step is to download the free application that we have left you just above and that it will easily show us the wear data in percentage.

Background updates also consume

Background updates allow applications to continue running and contacting servers to deliver content faster. Unfortunately, these types of tasks that are executed regardless of what we are doing in iOS make the performance of the rest of the applications affected. Although the process management in iOS (as well as RAM) is quite good, the reality is that it ends up affecting, especially the autonomy of the device. Thus The first of the tips is that you address settings> general> background update and proceed with the deactivation of this function.

Monitor the Location and the applications that use it

We get used to accepting all the conditions of a new application practically without reading them with the sole intention of finishing the configuration procedure as quickly as possible, even in native applications such as the App Store, but … Do I really need this application to "always" use my location?

It is important then that you enter settings> privacy> location and adjustments individually among the three possibilities: Never, when using the app and always. In this way you will take advantage of the consumption of resources.

Watch poorly optimized applications

Many applications, especially the older ones, make quite an inefficient use of the device's resources, especially those that are not optimized for x64 processors, although Apple is literally eradicating them from the iOS App Store. Be that as it may, it is recommended that we perceive which are the applications that present a worse performance in the device and We turn to the App Store with the intention of replacing them with more efficient alternatives with the consumption of resources. It is easy to perceive these applications because they are generally those that produce a rapid decrease in the battery and trigger the consumption of mobile data for no apparent reason.

Problems with the iOS keyboard? It has an easy solution

The keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most affected in the iOS update, it is presenting serious problems with the keystrokes and the LAG. However, the simplest of tricks works for most users. You should go to settings> general> reset and click on the function "Reset keyboard dictionary". In this way iOS will restore its operation and stored content and you will see how the keystrokes and its stability improve significantly.

Disable these expendable functions

The iPhone has many features that do not necessarily have to meet the needs of its users, so we can recommend that you deactivate some of the features that we present below:

  • Siri and search: Disable “Hey Siri”, Bucar and Consult suggestions
  • Do not activate the low power mode
  • Disable automatic application download: Settings> iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Disable iCloud features such as the Photo Library and HomeKit

We hope that our tips help you improve the performance of your iPhone, otherwise an option always present is to restore it and configure it as new.

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