Your iPhone keeps an exhaustive record of all the places you visit

The iPhone is a world of surprises. Did you know that Apple's phone can store all the places you've visited recently? Yes, as you hear it: it is able to keep an internal diary of all those posts you have stepped on and save the information so you can see it on a map.

This may surprise more than one. Moreover, telling it like this may even scare you, but we must tell you that all this information is local; that is to say: Apple does not store anything from all these places on its servers. Do you want to know how to get to this data and see on the map what street you visit, the day of the visit and the exact time you were on that site? Well read on.

The first thing you should do is enter "iPhone Settings". Once inside, search, of course, the section that refers to «Privacy». The first option you will see is the one that says «Location». Once inside the section, if this option is not activated, it will be impossible to access the data, so enable itor. You will see that a list is displayed, in which the last option is «System Services».

In this menu we will see a long list of options, where the one that interests us is again at the end of the whole. You will see that this is called "Important Places". As they are private data, when pressing the option, the iPhone will ask us to identify ourselves through Touch ID or Face ID – depending on the iPhone model we have. And by unlocking the option we will have the complete list of places we have been visiting in recent weeks.

If you read well on the switch that allows you to store the data on the iPhone, Apple already warns the user that this information is facilitated for location on maps, photos, Calendar, etc. Than all the information is encrypted and that Apple can't read them. Similarly, if you do not want this history to be created, disable the option with the switch.

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