$ 2 billion costs Apple to make peace with Nokia

At the end of last year, the Finnish firm Nokia filed a lawsuit before an American court accusing Apple of making use of different patents if it had previously gone through the box, a type of lawsuit that has become very common for Apple in In recent years. After several months of negotiations, Apple reached an agreement with Nokia and all the products of the firm Withings, now Nokia, They were once again included in the online Apple Store of all countries. The details of the agreement have never been known, but according to Nokia's latest statement, Apple has paid $ 2 billion as part of the patent agreement and incidentally quit the fight in court.

This payment is only part of the agreement reached by both companies, since according to the statement published by both companies announcing the cessation of hostilities, both companies intended to work together soon, in addition to Apple Ensure the use of patents that are necessary for your device and that are registered by the Finland-based firm.

At the beginning of the year Nokia presented the new terminals with which it wants to reach the market, products that are currently only for sale in very few countries but according to the few people who have had access to them, they have very good benefits for the price at which they are available. It should be remembered that Nokia is no longer responsible for manufacturing the terminals, but that has ceded the use of the brand to a third company to design and manufacture, just like BlackBerry. Of course, the final design must always have the approval of the company, since the Nokia firm has a prestige in the world of telephony, although in recent years it had come to less.

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